a better me in 2019

a better me in 2019

More than two months into 2019 and I’m here. I swear, I haven’t disappeared. I’m actually full of inspiration and ideas for 2019, and I’ve been planing, illustrating, writing things down and taking tons of photos for new blog posts.

Creative work aside, I’ve also been thinking a lot about myself and the person I want to become. I’ve always strived to be a good and genuine person who brings smiles upon people’s faces and not the other way around. As my dad always says, people are a reflection of yourself, therefore the way we treat them, will reflect upon us.

I do in fact believe this is true, and I’ve started somewhat monitoring my reactions to the world around me. What triggers emotional outbursts, and how can I become calmer and react with love and compassion even if I think someone did something wrong. I’m still in the process of learning to spread love to everyone, no matter what I think of them and whether they are a part of my life or not. It’s completely okay to show your disagreement with something, but we must not harbor hate or negative emotions.

If I want people to treat me better, I must first look within and rethink what kind of information I am sending into the world. Thus far, I have discovered that the way I feel, my inspiration flow and the drive to be active and productive is completely dependent on the way I am towards other people.

If I try to understand why people react the way they do and approach these interactions with my heart, I am bound to make progress in my spiritual and emotional growth.

Being a good person is of course more than just love towards yourself and others, it is also love towards our planet. The perfect place we’ve been given to live on. I am usually one to look at the bright side of things, but when I see the bad, my heart breaks and aches for the world. 

A wise stand up comedian George Carlin once said that our planet is not in jeopardy of extinction. And what I think he meant by that is that we are egotistical beings if we think we are powerful enough to destroy the planet. Something as perfect and mighty as Planet Earth, knows how to survive no doubt. However, the thing that is truly in jeopardy is us. By polluting the planet, we will eventually destroy our resources, our habitat and the creatures that live here alongside us.

This is why I want to become a better me this year. A me that is proud of what I’ve become and am growing towards. I want to see the world through heart shaped glasses, not blinded by wishful thinking, but rather loving everything and sharing that love with everyone.

Without further or due, here’s a few things I will do better in 2019

Not buying new clothes

I’ve been a busy bee creating a mostly sustainable capsule wardrobe that includes everything I need. Now it’s time to put my money towards more useful things and say goodbye to buying new clothing for a while. If I happen to find myself really missing something crucial, I will restrain myself only to second hand clothing, excluding socks and underwear. The only thing I will definitely still need to purchase, is a pair of open summer shoes, because I only have one pair of Birkenstock’s and they’re not really ideal for walking longer distances.

Work harder

This year I really want to put my efforts into creative works and build myself a brand that I hope will inspire you and maybe tell you a little bit more about me as well. I love to doodle, illustrate and design branding. But this past year there was more attention put into knitting, crocheting and wood carving, since I’ve been teaching myself the techniques through different tutorials. Even took on Nalbinding, but I haven’t been so successful with that. I have decided to illustrate something at least once a week, so that I can hone my skills a little.

Use less plastic

This is a major issue that has been bugging me. I’ve already made a lot of efforts towards reducing the amount of single use plastic, but I really want to go further and explore alternatives to the things we use everyday and may overlook the fact that they are in fact plastic. I’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes and ear buds a few years back, and now moving along to more things. Not to mention plastic bags because I think that is the easiest thing to substitute ever. 

Learn to save up some money

I’ll admit it, I am the worst at saving money if I don’t know exactly what I’m saving for. So this year I’ll try to reduce purchasing things and try to save up as much as I can. At least I know what I’m saving up for. I’m going to start saving for a car, a new camera and craft supplies that I’ll need to open an online shop, as soon as I start earning again.

To sum up, I hope you can relate to some of these subjects, and will try to become a better YOU  with me this year. Please let me know in the comments what have some of your efforts to make this world a better place for all of us been, and share some ideas if you have any, because they are very welcome. Thank you for reading through this post.