a day at the sea

a day at the sea

As the days became warmer, I really started missing the seaside, even if just simply to walk along the shore and enjoy the sound of waves crashing. Plus, the thought of the cold sea and the neutral colour palette it so beautifully displays on a moody day, has made me quite excited to take some pictures.

We decided to visit the Slovenian shore one weekend soon after the daydream I had, and headed out for a short, but sweet adventure. Though it had its own hardships as we struggled to find the cheapest and closest parking lot to the shore I wanted to visit, we managed to settle in the end.

First, we decided to take a walk through Piran, a beautiful old settlement that was once a small port, to find some details I wanted to photograph. But we soon became restless because it was quite windy on that side of town, and for some reason on a cloudy grey windy day, it was also pretty crowded.

There was a storm not long ago where a beautiful cliff side with the beach at the bottom we wanted to visit happens to be. We stumbled upon a gate with a sign that said the path was closed off due to rocks falling down the cliff. So I nearly cried inside, because I thought we went there for nothing.

We decided to take a look if the same situation awaits us from the other side, but that meant hiking up the cliff and descending to another small region which led to the same path. On our way there after we managed to sway off route into a dead end and backed out on the right path again, we met a man that told us the danger of big rocks falling has long passed, so the gate was there more for safety and responsibility purposes. So we really didn’t need to go around, but what can you do. Once we got to the other side, we saw a lot of people passing by using that path, so there was really no danger. 

Finally, we got to the spot and took these photos there, and the trip was indeed fruitful in the end. Moral of the story: when you see people photographed at beautiful locations, it doesn’t always mean it’s easy to get there. Not the situation in my case, but food for thought non the less ;).