a more sustainable style

a more sustainable style

As I entered my twenties, a lot of things started to change and develop for me. I feel like I’ve evolved a lot from where I was before, and am still moving toward new exploration of myself and the things I stand for. When I was a teen, things were very simple when it came to my personal style. I bought whatever felt like it would fit my immage as long as it was also affordable. But now I’ve grown to understand that fast and affordable isn’t always better. Over the past two years I became so fed up with all the pointless clothing in my closet that I never wore, that I decided things needed some changing. And from clothing it progressed to other things like makeup and toiletries.

I ended up getting rid of 90% of those items, and gave them to friends and family. The first thing  I had noticed was how much lighter, more organised and happier I felt. It just felt so good getting rid of things, I can’t really explain because it already sounds silly, but also very true. I started looking up more sustainable brands and small bussinesses in an intention of building a small, conscious and long lasting capsule wardrobe. It isn’t easy, because you can never be sure if a brand is at least more than 50% sustainable, a lot of them are trying to change their way of sourcing or claiming to be more ethical towards people and the environment, so any effort counts.

Shopping ethically also isn’t always affordable, but there’s options like buying second hand or exchanging clothing with friends, which I’ve done a lot of and I got some pretty good pieces that lasted me years. A good thing to keep in mind is that less is more and instead of buying more and more clothes, it’s better to think of more ways to combinate and  look for quality. I myself am not rich by any means, but I would rather spend more money on two higher priced, good quality items, rather than go to the nearest shopping center for a shopping spree and be ignorant of what I contribute toward by doing so. Obviously I’m not a 100% die hard sustainable person, I think in this day and age that is virtually impossible, but I do think before I buy and I constantly search for better options within a budget I can afford. I do still buy from some brands that aren’t proven to be ethical (mainly when it comes to footwear), this is why maintaining a small amount of good quality pieces that will last for a long time is so important. Being from Slovenia, I have to buy most of my clothes online because fast fashion is overflowing here and I know this is a tricky subject that people can have different reactions and opinions about, but as long as we try to at least do something to resolve these every day dilemas, it really does make a positive impact. Everyone can always decide for themselves what they will stand for, so what I am sharing is what I am loving and as I always go on about, I hope to inspire.

To be honest, I sometimes feel like I live in the wrong century, which applies to clothing among all the other things. Linen, cotton and wool have become my favourite materials to wear, and so far I’m very comfortable wearing them.

My favourite sustainable brands:

  1. Seasalt  Cornwall

Probably the first one I came across and fell in love with immediately. The Cornish style is so up my street when it comes to rainy cold weather. Their rain coats are my favourite thing in the world. This mustard Seafolly jacket is everything I wear at the moment and I’m on the lookout for a more neautral colour so I can pair it with more things. They also sell hand bags, shoes and some homeware pieces from a local pottery company.

2. The Level Collective

A  community that works with artists and makers to create ethical clothing and supplies, with a small selection of good quality, affordable pieces perfect for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. They have a veriety of shirts with the coolest slogans and beautiful accessories to keep you warm in winter. My mustard merino beanie is the warmest and most beautiful thing I own.

3. Beara Beara

A company based in UK that produces handcrafted leather bags in South America, specifically Bolivia, to provide families with good standard employement and also keep their tradition of leather bag making alive. The Koey bag is my favourite style of handbag I own at the moment and I love the unique and magical shape and pattern. Their bags are made to compliment your style. Every bag is different and beautiful in its own way.

Etsy finds:

I don’t quite know why I haven’t explored Etsy more before, but I found some really good small bussiness brands that make gorgeous linen pieces. I’ve been obsessed with linen a lot lately, so I ordered I few things missing from my wardrobe.

  1. Linenfox
    All handmade in Lithuania,  100% Baltic linen pieces in every single of my favourite colours to wear! Beautiful design. I’ve ordered a black T-shirt maxi dress and a long sleeve tunic in natural grey strap linen. And I am more than pleased with both, so I will continue ordering from them.
  2. Linogija
    Another handmade 100% natural Baltic linen clothing shop from Lithuania (appearantly also called land of the rain…Can I move there please?). This one has a different yet equally as gorgeous design. I’ve ordered a Black naturally creased blouse that is one of my favourites now.
  3.  TheHealingPear
    Bean from Scotland hand carves these amazing wolf heads, foxes and other shapes from natural stones and crystals. I’m totally in love with her work and of course I got a little pink tourmaline wolf head for myself. Magical and breathtaking, it now hangs around my neck every single day.

Future orders:

I’m looking for more sustainable brands all the time and here’s some of them that I’m keen on ordering from.

  1. Thought
    I found Thought recently and as I’m lacking sustainable socks and leggings, their veriety is more than pleasing. As Autumn is pretty much almost over and Winter approaches, I’ll be getting stocked on some of those pretty soon.
  2. Finisterre
    From the cold shores of UK, this company makes warm and functional sustainable clothing and supplies for the outdoorsy types. I’m quite intrigued about some of their gear and I want to explore more about them.

    Capsule wardrobe:

    The idea of a capsule wardrobe is great and I wish more people would consider it. I don’t really hold a specific number of clothing (I believe originally it should contain 40 pieces excluding socks and underwear), but maintaining a one in and one out system, as well as keeping it as small as possible is perfectly good enough. I think at some point in life many people realise that you don’t really need a lot to be happy and pleased with  yourself. It’s quite liberating to let go of things and for those of you who like me, like to jazz up your style every time the wind turns, this kind of wardrobe is perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something new, or discovered a new favourite brand for your next sustainable purchase.


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Tako odlične objave pa nisem prebrala že res dolgo. Se malce kar najdem v tem tvojem zapisu. Pred samo imam še kar nekaj prelaganja oblačil, da bom prišla do te točke, vendar sem ponosna sama nase, da sem nekatere kose, ki samo stojijo v omari že podarila. In to bom od zdaj naprej počela na vsaj pol leta. Dejansko prideš do zaključka, da vse te navlake res ne rabiš, saj je tudi ne nosiš. Da ne omenjam dodatkov za dom in make up-a. Ahhhh, še veliko imam za postoriti. Si mi dala misliti. <3


Sem vesela, da sem ti dala malo zagona ;), vsekakor ne skodi mal osvezit in zmanjsat omare. Vsak trud steje, vazen je zacetek, in pa dober obcutek <3 ;3

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