Hey, I’m Karina. A Ukrainian girl residing in Slovenia, hungry for adventure and always busy with creative projects. My friends know me as an easy going person always up for a laugh, but also one that never declines those deep meaningful conversations. I am curious about life and the universe, about people and connections between us. I am one of those people who tries to be thankful for things all of us mostly take for granted. Music helps me get through heartache, as well as keeps me steady and on track for the future. I am most happy when my days are filled with activities and I have as little spare time as possible.

Mountains and lakes are usually my choice once I start missing the free time. I love rainy days and colder seasons, especially Autumn. October is the month I thrive in the most. I am drawn towards northern European countries that I one day wish to explore. My favourite food are campfire baked potatoes with charcoal crust topped with butter and salt. If I could live anywhere, it would be in a forest cottage with a pet goat. My superpower above all would be teleportation. Purple, mustard yellow and silver are my favourite colours.

I love singing as long as I am the only one listening. Photography and illustration are my passion. I enjoy the concept of handcrafting as well as purchasing handmade items and clothing. My style changes as fast as the seasons with a slight pinch of the dark side. I’ve always been a night owl in every aspect. My favourite animals are the crow and moths. 

As I’ve shared these things with you, you may notice that my thought process is like a chain reaction, so try not to hold it against me if I drift off in a weird direction. Wacky is my middle name and I am usually not sorry about it. I enjoy the company of people who are comfortable to be their true self around me.