Hey! I’m Karina, a ukrainian girl residing in Slovenia. Easily amused, high on life, with one foot on the ground and the other floating around in the air. Hungry for adventures in traveling north Europe, and a range of other aspirations. I take photos of nature, rustic lifestyle vibes and write about life, lifestyle and personal style. As a child I never thought about what or who I wanted to become in life, and I never really remember thinking of wanting to grow up as soon as possible. I enjoyed being who I was at that moment. I’ve always been interested in many different things and couldn’t focuse on just one. That’s mainly why I haven’t had a good experience with choosing what I wanted to study, so I left university after finding out I didn’t really belong anywhere I applied to. As I left, I had to face the fact that I needed to sort my life out a little and maybe focus on a few things that interested me at the same time, but choose them so that they corresponded with each other. I love artistic expression in any form. Mainly what made and still makes me very happy is creative writing, photography, personal style, graphic design and illustration. So when I thought about how I could combine them together, and fell into the world of bloggers and vloggers, I realized that writing a blog is the perfect activity that could capture everything that inspires me, in one place.

I love the thought of inspiring others to turly be what they are, and be comfortable with themselves. Unique, interesting in their own way, I want people to look inside. Think long and hard, and every day, about what makes them happy, what inspires them, feeds their ambition, the need to explore,.. what motivates them. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with what you can do if you decide to let yourself be who you really are. I truly hope that through my work, people will find their own way as well.

Stay true,