autumn morning

autumn morning

Hey guys, I’m back from Germany, and just as promised, I took a lot of photos to share with you. This time I asked my younger brother to help me take my portraits, because he really likes to spend time with me taking photos and exploring nearby villages. This was a peaceful October morning we spent on a field that we rode to on our bikes. 

We cycled quite a bit while I was in Germany, since there are so many beautiful small lakes around the group of villages near Hildesheim. Right in front of the field we were shooting at, there were horses having their breakfast of fresh hay. I saw a few people riding them on the absolute labyrinth of paths around the lakes. It’s really a nice place to live. There are no mountains though, and I did miss them quite a bit while I was gone.

It was an unusually warm October this year, so I was happy this morning in particular was chillier than the past one’s we’ve had, because that meant I could wear my favourite linen dress from notPERFECTLINEN and my favourite Rosa Walser cardigan that I bought at a secondhand shop in Ukraine.

I love the first rays of sunshine brushing against my back, as the light is so soft and enchanting. My favourite times to shoot are early in the morning or somewhere in between the golden and the blue hour, where the sun has just set and there’s this soft breathtaking warm light left just for a few minutes.

I am still trying to keep my wardrobe as sustainable and ethical as possible. Ukraine is swarming with secondhand shops, and you can really get amazing pieces of clothing for bread money. I love digging around the shelves and finding some interesting things I’d never be able to get my hands on otherwise. Unique and almost one of a kind pieces. There was a lot of natural wool to pick from, so I am really excited to share some other items with you soon. I hope you enjoyed my crispy morning bike ride, as much as I did. Take care!