winter holiday gift ideas 2018

Every year, I feel like winter holidays are getting better and better, and I’m feeling even more excited and inspired¬† by everything going on around me. It’s like there is a special kind of magic energy that binds us all together and warms our hearts with happiness. I feel so much more connected to everyone […]


mulled wine season

Don’t know about you, but mulled wine season starts mid November for me guys. I bought some spices like cloves, mulled wine mix and cinnamon sticks the other day to make some quick mulled wine, and start off the yearly tradition. Anise stars, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peels… these spices just scream wintertime to me. […]


evening cruise

I’ve recently started biking a lot more than I used to, so I decided to buy myself a new retro cruiser bike for simple transport around our city and cruising around the village, because it’s just more fun than walking. I found an amazingly well done and affordable bike at rogosport.si. They’re a company that […]


lake jasna

Ever since my post about exploring my home more and visiting lake Jasna in winter, I wanted to go back so bad. It’s pretty close where I live, as is everything in Slovenia to be honest. Since I was traveling around this summer, I decided to visit the lake in autumn.¬† My goal was to […]


autumn morning

Hey guys, I’m back from Germany, and just as promised, I took a lot of photos to share with you. This time I asked my younger brother to help me take my portraits, because he really likes to spend time with me taking photos and exploring nearby villages. This was a peaceful October morning we […]


hello autumnal spirit

Ahhh, the smell of roasting chestnuts in the air mixed with fresh crisp air and burning wood. Autumn is finally here! I cannot tell you how much I love autumn. Nature is slowly yet ever so majestically getting ready to go to sleep, and it couldn’t be more beautiful. October is just around the corner¬† […]


lilac hair

One of my secret dreams for the longest time was having lilac hair or highlights. Purple shades have always been among my favourite colours, and fit my personality no matter what phase I was going through. With my style, I’ve had a lot of transitions with a big imprint colour vise. I get obsessed with […]


moving forward in 2018

Hey guys, Happy New Year! The first week and a half is behind us, and when better to start new things and aspire to grow, than at the beginning of a fresh new year. It’s like magic, you feel reborn. A new year is like a clean slate, a tabula rasa. Everything and anything can […]