evening cruise

evening cruise

I’ve recently started biking a lot more than I used to, so I decided to buy myself a new retro cruiser bike for simple transport around our city and cruising around the village, because it’s just more fun than walking. I found an amazingly well done and affordable bike at rogosport.si. They’re a company that sells bicycles where an old company ROG used to manufacture original ROG bikes.

It simply had everything I needed my bike to have, so it was a done deal. Since then, it’s been such a pleasure to cruise around that I have been quite miserable having had rainy weather these past few weeks.Today I took it for a spin to my favourite part of the forest near my home, to take a few pictures as I haven’t had the chance to do so since the time it was delivered.

I am in love with the forest there. Especially now in autumn when there’s a beautiful contrast of browns and greens. The leaves are all brown, while the moss is still a striking rich green colour with quite a few mushrooms popping out.

As I was still location scouting, I met a couple of elderly people who were out on walks. It was so cute when I just kindly said hello and ended up having whole conversations with them. There was this one elderly woman passing by just as I was gathering some oak leaves from the ground, and we had a chat about different leaves and how we use them as decorations. 

Some time later when I was heading to my second location, I met an elderly man who asked if I was carrying wine in my wicker basket haha… I don’t know why he thought of that. We somehow ended up having a chat about how drinking and driving is a bad idea.

In fact there was quite a few people who stopped either to say hello or because they were interested in what I was doing, and I felt warm in my heart that people still know how to properly communicate. I wish younger generations were more like this though.

I had a really nice experience just going by myself, but it turns out I was far from alone. A lot of times when I’ve come to these woods, I’ve also spotted deer hanging around the bushes. Maybe I’ll come back someday early in the morning and try to take a photo if I’m lucky enough to catch them off guard.

When I came home, I decided I should name the bike like I named my Penny board Casper. I haven’t chosen a name yet, but it’s just fun to name things I guess.

I hope you guys liked this post and would like to read more about random days of exploration like this one has been today. Please let me know in the comments below.



Lepooo. Tudi jaz imenujem stvari, ki so mi ljube – moj makeup kovcek je Marko ;). Pocukaj kaj, ko bos v Ljubljani.

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