first videos

first videos

I’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for soooo long and I guess it was never the right time. But recently I’ve been so motivated and inspired that I overcame a lot of pointless fears of mine and started filming videos. Many people inspire me every day. From photographers like Benjamin Hardman, Gunnar Freyr, to videographers and vloggers like Tim Kellner and Ben Brown. They all have such a great eye for detail and a spark of something unique. If you look at a photo and immediately know who took it without looking it up, that means that person has created something special that sets him/her apart from others.

That is a goal I set for myself with my photography and now I want to go further and do it with videos as well. I love cinematic aesthetically compelling, ¬†short but rich stories that just get the inspiration juices flowing. It brings me joy to watch them. And if I could bring joy to others by doing the same, that would be a sort of dream come true for me. You don’t need a lot to start, but bravery. For some it takes more time, but If you never stop wanting something so much that eventually fear is just a thing that you can overlook, you open up a door of immense potential.

So here we go, I started posting this week. I’ve got two short videos up, and a whole lot of ideas for new ones. Maybe you even noticed the little YT icon in my social media bar. To be honest I cannot wait for autumn to role in with its colourful moodyness and raaaaaain! I’ve ordered a tripod (finally) and will be working on gradually upgrading my gear for even better content. But like I said, to start you only need a smart phone. Tim made one of his timtothewild videos with a smart phone and I didn’t even notice until he wrote it at the end. Brilliant. As I’ve never fimled or edited a video before, it was so much fun to learn and I got the main basics down in just a week, so it’s not too hard. I’m learning every single day, so I can create something for you guys to want to come back to.

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Stay true, K