good friends and misty mountains

good friends and misty mountains

Back in October my very good firend and I chased the sunrise on the Kobarid Stol mountain. We woke up super early, ate our breakfast, packed our lunch, jumped into her Suzuki 4×4 and drove up the narly mountain road. We awaited the sunrise sipping our warm tea, sitting on mountain grass. The view was incredible. I didn’t think I captured that quite good on photos as I was mesmerised by the beauty of what I was seeing, so the pictures I am sharing today, are of another very different day on the same mountain, that had me in awe.

On this day we didn’t try to chase the sunrise, because there was no sun to be seen. It was a chilly, rainy and mystically infused morning. As we drove up the mountain, fog engulfed all of the village below as well as the mountain top. It was a sight to see. I felt like I was in another world. There were these tiny, fine little raindrops falling like rice from the sky. We decided to walk up to a small Beech forest, that is home to some stunning unusual Beech trees I’ve never seen before. If I didn’t see the seeds that have fallen from it, I would never have known it was a Beech tree. The forest was another mystical world alltogether. Imagine Winterfell in autumn… something like that. To be honest as much as I try to capture the beauty of these places with my lens, I kind of get lost in the state of just endulging in that moment. So sometimes what I do manage to captrure doesn’t do these places any justice. I need to work on that part, to be able to make good content as well as enjoy and experience what I’m seeing fully. I think I’ve improved this since October.

Dee and I are friends since second year of highschool. She’s that one special friend that I know is gonna be right there with me forever. We don’t see each other that often, but you know how these things go. You don’t have to see your best friends every day, but when you do, it’s like no time has passed at all. She basically lives in my favourite part of Slovenia, and I love to visit her.

┬áIn summertime we enjoy swimming in the crystal blue and green rivers, we climb misty mountains (sometimes at night in winter when a beautiful red moon decorates the sky), we run through the forest and have picknics on thick grass, listening to music and admiring sunsets. She loves to make banana bread, and she makes a damn good one. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

I miss her a lot and can’t wait for our new adventures together. My favourite moment of 2016 was the weekend I spent at her place. We just always have a blast and we both share a passion for admiring stunning scenery.

Stay true,


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