hello autumnal spirit

hello autumnal spirit

Ahhh, the smell of roasting chestnuts in the air mixed with fresh crisp air and burning wood. Autumn is finally here! I cannot tell you how much I love autumn. Nature is slowly yet ever so majestically getting ready to go to sleep, and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

October is just around the corner¬† and I cannot wait to share my travel, autumnal as hell photos I’m going to take while in Northern Germany. I’m going to visit my mum, as I rarely see her these years, so that’s going to be super fun.

I don’t know why they don’t sell those beautiful orange and white pumpkins here in Slovenia, but in Northern Germany they looove autumn and its harvest. There will be markets and stores full of the most various and gorgeous pumpkins and autumnal flowers everywhere. I remember I brought one little pumpkin back with me to Slovenia last year. It was just the cutest perfect little thing. This year I’m staying there for three whole weeks, and I am going to enjoy every bit of the atmosphere there. Small, warm and welcoming old towns that just make you feel festive to the core. You can tell I am passionate about this ;).

Of course there’s other things that I love abut autumn. Apart from the delicious harvested fruits and veggies, there’s also Samhain and well, just simply the colours of leaves. I was so over summer by the beginning of September. All ready for cozy jumpers, fluffy socks, roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkin spice. I do get carried away, I won’t lie. Foggy mornings, cups of delicious tea and lots of photography. It is a time of great inspiration everywhere you look. A pinch of magick in the air also never hurt anyone ;).

I will try and be more active on the blog (as I always tell you and never hold my word), I have some things already waiting to be posted and hopefully Germany will be fruitful in the content department. I know it will. 

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Hope you enjoyed this post, and I wish you all a lovely weekend.