lake jasna

lake jasna

Ever since my post about exploring my home more and visiting lake Jasna in winter, I wanted to go back so bad. It’s pretty close where I live, as is everything in Slovenia to be honest. Since I was traveling around this summer, I decided to visit the lake in autumn. 

My goal was to go very early in the morning for sunrise and the breathtaking mountain tops that decorate the background of the lake. However, sadly as rain has been in the forecast for the past two weeks and continuing so, there was actually no mountains in view because it was so cloudy.

Nevertheless, lake Jasna itself is so epic, the trip was far from in vain. I was in awe over the gorgeous milky turquoise water, foggy mountains with peeking orange and yellow trees and the fact that since we went there so early, there was no one in sight for a while. I had a few shots in mind, but since the scenery was lacking morning sunshine, that had to change a little bit. Again, not complaining since we got some amazing shots after all.

I’m really enjoying exploring Slovenia more. Every time I encounter a stunning corner of it on someone’s feed on Instagram, I take a screenshot and add that place to my list of places to visit. As small as our country is, it really has a lot to offer on the breathtaking nooks and crannies front.

I plan to wait out this rain we’re having and go back again for the scene I had in mind with the sunrise. It would be a shame to miss such beautiful mountains in perfect light.

My next destination will probably be the Zelenci natural reservoir, or something new I’ve added to my list in the meantime. I hope you enjoyed this post and I cannot wait to write more about my home country and its everlasting charm.