moving forward in 2018

moving forward in 2018

Hey guys, Happy New Year! The first week and a half is behind us, and when better to start new things and aspire to grow, than at the beginning of a fresh new year. It’s like magic, you feel reborn. A new year is like a clean slate, a tabula rasa. Everything and anything can change. Some people set goals, some resolutions. Most don’t really keep up with those and it sometimes really just sounds like another trend. But setting those things aside, I too feel that a new year offers a sort of an opening to start anew, or to make progress in something you’re already doing. Of course you can do that any time. but let’s be honest, it’s easier to leave things behind if you leave them in the previous year. 

I don’t really like setting goals and to be truthful I quite dislike the word all together. I’m always on the look out for synonyms when it comes to goals. I dream, I wish and I try to accomplish new things every year, but I’d rather make it a quest and learn, mold and transcend when time is right, or figure out that something else entirely might be better than what I set for myself in the first place. The main point of a new year from my perspective is to move forward and get closer to the person you want to become one day. To learn new things, take risks, accept challenges, get out of your comfort zone and try to get better. These things I think never really end, and even if we can never be sure if the path to self discovery ever ends in just that,  if we don’t stand still and do something, we definitely get some results. 

For me, it’s never as easy as I make it sound in my head. I’m terrified when it’s time to start something new, and while I’m generally not afraid of change, I’m always afraid of failure. Even if I know that in failure we learn and gain experience, that fear was always with me. But I try very hard not to let it dictate my life, otherwise I wouldn’t get anywhere. So here I am with a list in my hand, of things I wish to achieve or already started to in 2018, and even if I don’t get all of them., there’s always another year after that ;).

Taking up knitting and felting

If you know me even a little, you know that I’m always trying to do a 100 things at a time. Besides photography, filming and illustrating, I’m now a beginner knitter and I’m also working with felting. This is actually a reference to another objective of mine that I’ll share at the end. I wish to learn a lot of things in my life and I’ve always been interested in felting and knitting even as a teen, but never really stuck too much to it, to make progress, until now. I was actually surprised that within a day I started knitting my first scarf. It’s way easier than I thought. It is also very relaxing and fulfilling to make something literally from scratch. So instead of buying a new scarf, I can just make one now. 

Learn to play one musical instrument

Now this is one of those life objectives of mine that I wish to upgrade to one day without really limiting myself with time. But it is one that I truly desire to accomplish. I have a wonderful hand made 4 hole clay Ocarina that I bought years ago in Ukraine, and this is the kind of instrument I’d be delighted to learn how to play. 

Travel more!

I put an exclamation point in this one because I’m literally yelling it at myself. So many countries on my list, I have to tick one off this year. I just have to. I will work on planning something up hopefully come spring and summer, to finally get out of this uncomfortable comfort zone once and for all. 

Get a new job

For the past year I’ve been working at a job that I don’t want to say I hate, but I definitely don’t like it. I work too much and get paid too little for the amount of work I do, but it is still a tremendously good feeling when you earn your own money and you know you deserve it. I planned to stay for a year or so, because I just needed to start earning and just be an adult. This was the fastest job I could get so I just said yes and went with it, but never intended to stay too long. So now that a year has passed, I will search for something new that will hopefully be a little less stressful and a bit more rewarding. I would also like to make some of my living out of all the projects I’m into, so that will be the main part of the last objective I’ll mention in this post. 

Open a shop?

And here we are, the last of two biggest wishes, aspirations, whatever you like to call them, of this post. Since I’m taking up so many creative projects like knitting, felting, photographing and illustrating, I thought I could combine those and open a shop online to sell photography prints, illustration prints and wool goods. In time that could potentially evolve into a good business, and I could earn by doing what I love. That is something everyone wants in life, I guess. If you love what you do, you do it a 100 times better, and with that comes true happiness. Money doesn’t play the main role here though. To feel fulfilled with work and life is a gift. I couldn’t live in a world without any work, because It would be extremely boring doing nothing. There is a lot of planning and preparations to be done before I actually open, but I wanted to share this thought with you guys now, so I can’t weasel myself out of it :D.

What do you guys want to start or achieve in 2018? Let me know in the comments.

Stay true,


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