silver and stones

silver and stones

Ever since I was young, the mystical world has always intrigued me. As I have grown, I learnt how to stay balanced as if with one foot on the ground and the other afloat, so that I always had a connection to the mystical. I like looking at life as more than just what we are taught to see. And learning about the old ways, about how people interpreted life around them and how they made sense of their surroundings, is sometimes an escape I need to not lose touch with my inner self. One thing I became interested in is the use of crystals or semi precious stones.

Talismans and amulets with powerful meaning and many different uses were a big part of people in the past. Even now, although we don’t recognize these patterns, we keep things of great meaning to us as symbols of love or protection.

Alas to get into this post, I wanted to share a part of my personal style with you. My obsession with semi precious stones and silver rings. I’ve never been one for other jewelry than rings and necklaces. I’ve tried, but that just wasn’t me. I can literally wear a ring on each of my fingers, but could not stand a bracelet or a watch for long. As a child I preferred silver to any other metal, and that has not changed. I added a bit of copper to that, because copper became so special to me, and is one of my favourite metals now as well. The story behind semi precious stones, and how I got to be so interested in them, actually involves my dear friend that I mention here so often… almost in every post. But what can I do, I love that girl.

We were roommates in highschool, and she introduced me to many things including semi precious stones, tarot cards and all the magical items I could dream of. I’ve had an understanding and itch for such things for the longest time, but my interest really grew as I met her. She taught me a lot about how precious stones can influence feelings and the well being of an individual. How they are used for healing, expanding ones abilities and broadening the human mind. I was intrigued as you may expect. I grew attached to some of these stones, and they have stayed with me for the rest of my life since then. My favourites are the Rainbow moonstone, Labradorite, Amethyst and Fluorite all with their magical powers and everlasting beauty.

Recently I have been exploring more stones as I encountered “The Healing Pear” on Etsy. Bean carves the most¬† beautiful animals from a variety of semi precious stones. I had a beautiful Pink Tourmaline carved wolf that has been hanging around my neck until it got loose and I lost it. Very sad about that, but as Bean said, I probably didn’t need its energy anymore. I’m interested in getting either a Labradorite, Fluorite or Moss Agate wolf from her in the future.¬†

As if I do not own enough rings already, I ordered two new silver rings from “SilverAlchemy” and “Undergrowth Studio” on Etsy. My Mannaz rune ring from SilverAlchemy is one of my dearest, most precious rings at the moment and I do think about getting more. Mannaz is one of my favourite runes along with Bjarkan or Berkana, Raido or Reidr and of course Kaun or Kaunaz. You can find the Kaunaz ring in my “STYLE WISHLIST” board on Pinterest, which I am planning on getting for my birthday. Daria from “Thrjar” makes them, and they are truly unique and amazing.

Each ring, each stone that I decide to purchase, is special and full of meaning. I treat them as my little talismans and I wear them every single day. They not only add to my personal style, but make my life and everything around me feel mystical and mysterious. We wear accessories to tell a story. A story about who we are and who we once were. A story about our soul. Everything we choose to wear is in a sense us. Never be afraid to show yourself to the world, because it only enriches it and never the other way around.