Spending time in nature

Spending time in nature

Nature has always been my escape to reconnect with myself without any distractions around. I feel most alive when I ride my bike through the forest or climb up a trail to a beautiful mountain top. Feeling the shift on an energetic level that lifts my spirit, is so important to me, and I’m forever grateful to have access to an abundance of beautiful places around me that are diverse and pure. Spending an evening or a day away from the chaos of work and city life is like being reborn. We all need to reconnect sooner or later after being shrouded with a veil of modern life within a modern society.

Life to me needs to be simple, free, easy. We tend to make things so hard for ourselves, and frankly many times we don’t even notice that there’s anything wrong with that. Human connections withers into small talk, we need to take time off to be able to go anywhere… It’s saddening.

This is why keeping our beautiful planet clean and healthy is so important. We need it to survive. We tend to dissociate ourselves from it when really we have always been a part of it. Learning to live in harmony has become hard in this modern age as we are governed by what and how much we own. Therefore to remind myself of this, I venture out into the wilderness.

Despite sometimes struggling, I feel alive when I overcome obstacles, when I make it to the top even if I’m completely out of shape. This only gives me more motivation to do it again and after seeing these absolutely breathtaking views of forests, mountains and lakes all around me, it oftentimes brings me to tears. 

I love every waking moment I spend here with intense immensity, and I wish everyone would cherish this beauty given to us completely for free.