evening cruise

I’ve recently started biking a lot more than I used to, so I decided to buy myself a new retro cruiser bike for simple transport around our city and cruising around the village, because it’s just more fun than walking. I found an amazingly well done and affordable bike at rogosport.si. They’re a company that […]


autumn morning

Hey guys, I’m back from Germany, and just as promised, I took a lot of photos to share with you. This time I asked my younger brother to help me take my portraits, because he really likes to spend time with me taking photos and exploring nearby villages. This was a peaceful October morning we […]


hello autumnal spirit

Ahhh, the smell of roasting chestnuts in the air mixed with fresh crisp air and burning wood. Autumn is finally here! I cannot tell you how much I love autumn. Nature is slowly yet ever so majestically getting ready to go to sleep, and it couldn’t be more beautiful. October is just around the cornerĀ  […]