the start

the start

A warm hello to all of you! It’s me, Karina. I’m here… that means I finished this page and I’m ready to blog, take photos and share it all with you again in this kind of format. For all of you who are new, I’ve been blogging a little over 2 years now and this April is when elevendrops was born. And that is what matters most now. You may wonder about the name, maybe I’ll explain more about it in another post, but for now I’ll keep the mistery juices flowing.

I’ve missed just sitting behind my screen and writing either what was on my mind or sharing an adventure. I’ve been busy with work, and the process of rebranding and creating a new page did take some time. I wanted to get it just right for you. I put a lot of thought into the design and what I wanted the vibe to portray, and ended up with a mix of a photography and blog page. I grew tired of the standart blog templates and this I think sets things apart a bit. I hope you guys like it.

So to shed some light on where I want my next steps to go toward: I focused on so many irelevant things before in my life and now I think I’ve realised I’ve been missing out on a lot. I want to experience life more. Explore, discover and share it with you. Every time I wrote anything meaningful, it was about inspiring people and be inspired myself. That takes effort, effort that I am more than willing to put into this line of work. One of my life wishes is to travel more and document some of that to create rich content. Alongside that, I also want to build a sense of friendship between you and me. So the main point will be lifestyle in general, which is a vast branch and covers a lot of ground. I think I like it because it really doesn’t limit my content too much.

So this is it, the official start of elevendrops. A fresh and clean slate, which we all love and need from time to time.

Stay tuned and stay true,



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