the weekly rain drop

the weekly rain drop

 Hey everyone! I came up with an idea to do a special weekly update post series called “The weekly rain drop”, where I’ll write either a little update of the week, post about a place I like, or just share random thoughts with you.

I intend to share more lifestyle photography on my blog as well as my other photograps, but my Instagram page will mainly contain my photography works in general. Just like a little portfolio of sorts. I’m working on building this page as I go along, add an actual portfolio so you can scroll through my individual photos, update the design. For now I’ll focus on writing more, because I don’t have much time during the week as I also have a full time job at the moment (which I don’t enjoy at all), so it is a challange, but I just love to stay busy, because otherwise I tend to fall into a mellow, melancholy state of mind.

I’m planning on traveling more. No more procrastinating and letting money be the thing that stops me from exploring the world around me, and expanding my horizon. I hope to share it all with you.

For a very long time I’ve also been thinking about starting a YouTube channel and finally dabbling in some cinematic/vlog type of videos, because that is something I truly wish to develop as well, and I love the mix of those two. If I manage to achieve any of these things throughout this year, I feel I’m gonna be a winner, because I’m going to be pretty happy with myself.