twrd: exciting projects

twrd: exciting projects

On life lately

I’ve been busy with my new job this month and haven’t been as active as I would like with my own projects. Despite that, I manage to keep my creativity alive, although it’s hard not feeling drained after putting all my energy to use while at work.

I still have a lot of dreams and creative projects I want to fulfill once I get settled a bit more and learn to juggle work and personal work a little better. I am so thankful it’s summer and the days are long and bright, otherwise I would have no idea how to keep up with photography. 

New projects

One of these projects sort of fell into my lap as I really wanted a teardrop fedora hat, but had no money at the time to buy one, so I decided to make it from my leftover wool. This turned out to be a great idea. It’s sustainable, unique, made from 100% natural materials and my wool isn’t sitting around gathering dust anymore.

I’ve dabbled in wet felting before, but haven’t really made a solid piece that would be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing enough. This is the first hat I made (I made two for now) that actually turned out really good for the first time making one. It’s a bit chubby because in the tutorial I was watching for reference, the person had alpaca wool and he really used a lot, but it flattened so much, the hat was just the right thickness at the end. Whereas I had wool from Scottish sheep that was apparently much bulkier.

 When it came to shaping, I didn’t stumble upon any other problems except maybe that the crown was a little lower than I originally imagined. I fixed all these issues with my second hat that I’m really pleased with. A lot of people also really liked the end results, so they suggested I should try and sell them in the future, which I will of course consider if I ever manage to open that online shop I’ve been talking about for aaaaages. But as I am learning my way through life, I discovered that it’s much more fruitful to use the expression “when” instead of “if”, when speaking about something we wish for, as it doesn’t depend on anything, thus leaving the goal we’ve set open and on track. 

Of course I was left with a burst of inspiration for new photos, so I’ll be sharing quite a few with you that have kind of been waiting for me for more than a month to edit. It feels nice wearing something I made from scratch and display it creatively.  I hope you guys like this series of photos and my hat. I can’t wait to share more!