twrd: exploring home

twrd: exploring home

I dream about traveling to the beautiful countries that inspire me every day, and although I’ve never been to any of them, they feel like home. But my current real home is Slovenia, a country of breathtakingly beautiful nature as well. I decided that before I go and travel to the places I visit in my dreams, I should explore my home more.

Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Greenland and Slovenia. My first home was actually Ukraine. I moved to Slovenia with my mum when I was about 6 years old. But back then I wasn’t old enough to understand what being home truly means. Moving to another country only made me believe that home could be anywhere in the world, because the world is my home. Our home. Today it may be Slovenia, tomorrow it may be somewhere far away.


I think I would always feel happy if I was surrounded by nature. A big city would never be on the list. While I love the charm some old cities have, I would much rather have to visit them, than have to visit nature. Slovenia is more like a big village, or a tiny one compared to others in the world. Even if you’re in a city, nature is never hard to find here. That is something I appreciate about it. 

Places to visit in Slovenia

That is one of the notes I have in my phone. Every time I see somewhere beautiful I haven’t been yet here, I write it down inside that note. I have these kinds of notes for other counties as well. Just last week I was at the gorgeous Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora. It’s currently covered with snow and the lake has frozen over. In summer I swam in lake Bohinj, probably the most beautiful lake you can swim in. Most of the lakes that are inside the Triglav national park for instance, you’re not allowed to swim in. Nature is very important here and it’s all nice and protected. A few years back I was at Krnsko lake beneath the Krn mountain. A magical place high up, that actually quite a lot of people visit and hang around. This lake is one of those off limits ones. I remember also one specific winter night we went hiking up Matajur mountain that actually has an Italian/Slovenian border on top. We made fun of that and jumped from one side to another. But that is not the thing I remember the most from that night. There was a lot of snow and the moon was rising in all its big beautiful red hued hazy glory. It lit up everything around us and we turned off the flash lights and just stared for a while. 

My fiend that I mention here all the time, she lives in my favourite part of Slovenia. Surrounded with sapphire rivers and mountains everywhere you look. A lot of the places I mentioned, I explored with her. Like that time we spent the night in a bivouac on top of Stol mountain in Kobarid. You can check out that blog post here. Usually we just went swimming in a well hidden, hard to reach part of the river Nadizha. Not a soul in sight, high walls of stone on each side. Come to think of it, I regret not taking the chance to swim nude. 

There are so many gorgeous locations I haven’t visited yet here in Slovenia, and I’m always adding more to the list. Like the Zelenci natural reservoir, Perichnik Falls, and many more. I’m mostly drawn to mountains and lakes, but there are also other parts of Slovenia that aren’t in the mountains that are well worth visiting, so I’m going to add those to the list as well.