twrd: what I did this week

twrd: what I did this week

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re less than a day away from our favourite holidays of our favourite time of year, so I thought it is about time for another “The weekly rain drop” post. So here I am with a little update on what I’ve been up to this week.

Baked cookies

I feel like this year is the cookie winter year because literally everyone is baking! Even me. I stumbled upon a chocolate crinkle cookie recipe at the end of last week and I thought to myself “Why not?”. To be honest, I failed my first batch of cookies as they turned out like giant splotches of melded chocolate batter. But at least the taste wasn’t so bad. Since I was determined to mend the situation, I tried again with success!

Batch No°2 turned out wonderful. I followed the recipe precisely and very carefully, and waited for the result. I was so happy I finally made delicious chocolate crinkle cookies that we could all enjoy. You can find the recipe I followed here. If I was any better at baking, I’d probably be a food blogger!

Wrapped presents

This year I decided to introduce a little holiday creativity to the blog, so I created a “Winter holiday” series here on elevendrops. Among gift ideas, it features wrapping presents for the holidays, which I hope will become a tradition here from now on. 

I love wrapping presents and sharing sustainable ideas with people. You’re welcome to check out my “Winter holidays & Wrapping gifts 2018” post for some last minute wrapping ideas.

Went for a walk in the forest

I absolutely adore morning walks in winter. We haven’t had much snow, so I took advantage of the one snow day we had recently, to take some photos on a field. I always meet the nicest people on my walks to the village or the nearby woods. Everyone is eager to chat a little and it just makes my day meeting such warm and open people.

To sum up

Apart from the mentioned things, there’s also the life things we all go through that aren’t as peachy as the social media always portrays. I won’t be sharing those private moments with you guys, for obvious reasons, but it is crucial to mention that they do exist. That is simply what life is, even with the holidays approaching.

To stay on the positive note, I would love to hear your weekly endeavors, stories and adventures. Please feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.



Prekrasen zapis in fotografije! <3 Smem vprašati kateri objektiv uporabljaš/priporočaš in česa se poslužuješ za editing? Imaš kakšen nasvet za začetnika pri obdelovanju fotografij?


Živjo in najlepša hvala! <3 Seveda ni skrivnost, v resnici še zdaleč nisem tako tehnično podkovana kar se tiče fotografske opreme, kot si sama želim. Trik je uporabiti to kar imaš, kakor se da bolje. Uporabljam Nikon D5300 zrcalno refleksni fotoaparat s kit 18-140mm objektivom za širši kot, za lep bokeh pa 50mm fiksni objektiv. To je praktično vse kar sem si do sedaj lahko privoščila. Za editing največ drezam Adobe lightroom, občasno photoshop, oboje imam tudi kot app na telefonu, kar toplo priporočam za editing za instagram. Za vsakega začetnika pa priporočam samo čim več poskušanja uporabe vseh funkcij, ki ji program za editing ponuja. Tako potem najhitreje ugotoviš katera kombinacija funkcij lepo deluje skupaj, in si narediš preset, da gre kasneje hitreje skozi :). Upam. da sem bila v pomoč ;). Hvala še enkrat za komentar ^^ <3

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