winter holiday gift ideas 2018

winter holiday gift ideas 2018

Every year, I feel like winter holidays are getting better and better, and I’m feeling even more excited and inspired  by everything going on around me. It’s like there is a special kind of magic energy that binds us all together and warms our hearts with happiness. I feel so much more connected to everyone with a spark of joy flickering in my eyes.

This year is special, because I am starting a “Winter holiday gift ideas” series on elevendrops, where I’ll share my ideas of sustainable gifts and wrapping with all of you guys. There will be two posts featured in the series, “Winter holiday gift ideas” and “Wrapping gifts”. Keeping in mind sustainability and creativity, I hope to paint an inspiring picture of my favourite holidays. I believe there’s a little of every personality i’ll list, within all of us, and I hope you find a useful idea to surprise your friends and family. I also kept all the gift ideas plastic free, minus a plastic lid here and there.

His & Hers

She’s a free spirit


I think tea is a great gift for someone who enjoys new flavors and loves tea in general. “Clipper” is always my favourite when it comes to teas bought in regular stores. This one is an organic blend of lemon balm, chamomile and lavender. Delicious and relaxing.

Ceramic mug

Sometimes you stumble upon a gem in a second hand shop, and that gem could be the perfect gift for someone who loves to collect interesting items like this beautiful mug. Similar here.


Books have always made nice gifts, regardless of the occasion, I chose “Hygge” as it really gave me a cosy festive feeling when I was reading it. It’s perfect as a winter holiday present in my book ;).

Handmade items

I love the thought of gifting someone with something handmade. Whether it’s from someone else, or you used your crafty fingers and made it yourself, it just adds such an intimate touch to your gift, and keeps it sustainable as well. I will be gifting handmade items like this crochet headband I made, to my loved ones this year for sure.


Crystals are a very special thing to gift someone. It sends a message that you put extra thought into your gift and maybe done research about the person’s birthstone, or that you just simply thought it would make a nice piece of decoration, since crystals are beautiful to look at anyway. I find the most beautiful crystals on Etsy.

Essential oils

Essential oils are great for relaxation.
I think most people enjoy taking long,
relaxing baths that with a few drops of
essential oil, can turn into a magical
peaceful moment alone.

Winter shoes

Investing in a good quality winter boot
that will last your friends and family for
a long, long time, is also a great idea.
Quality over quantity, I always say. Similar here.


Instead of buying something new, you
can always go for something old and
loved. Antique gifts like this Italian 
pocket mirror are great for someone who
loves history, old looking 
decorations or
something handed out 
through generations
within your family. 

He’s a wanderer

Wool beanie

Everyone needs a hat in the winter, so
to make it special I chose this 66°north
merino wool beanie all the way from
Iceland, as it will last ages and is such a
timeless piece. A great idea would also be
making it yourself or purchasing  from
a local business like I chose with the socks.

Shoe polishing kit

To make shoes last even longer,
it’s a good idea gifting someone with
a shoe polish kit that will keep their
shoes and winter boots in great condition
for many winters to come.


A compass for the wanderer so that he may never get lost on a hike, or in life. This one has been picked up at a garage sale.

Local wool socks

Gift your other half or a friend with a pair of wool socks, preferably from a local small business company. Warm feet are happy feet. Alternative here.

Enamel mug

Simply because they’re great for anyone and you can take them everywhere with you, so you don’t have to use any plastic cups. There’s plenty awesome brands that do enamel mugs, this one being from the Gentlemen’s hardware store.

Beard comb

Take care of his beard with a hardened rubber or wooden comb that will make his beard look like it was groomed by Norse gods.

Hand forged Viking belt

For the modern Viking soul. Hand forged and simply beautiful. Find it here.

The modern witch


The art of Astrology by Anna Southgate, a perfect gift for your occult enthusiastic friend.

Clay/Ceramic moon

Perfect for the daughter or son of the moon. Or a star sign ruled by this beautiful planet. Suggestion here.

Palo santo

Great for smudging, smells amazing and looks enchanting. Suggestion here.

Feather bundle

Another tool used for smudging. You can get pheasant feathers in craft stores, but taking the time to collect some on your walks, is even better ;).

Natural bee’s wax candles

Every witch needs candles. These have been sent as gifts with my Linenfox purchases, you can get similar here.

Big crystal

One big, powerful crystal that also looks beautiful as decoration. Find similar here.

Herb pouch

Pouches are a cute gift for the herbalist soul within your friend. Fill it with lavender to add a personal and deliciously scented touch. Similar here.

The writer

Leather bound notebook

Gift your special someone with a beautiful notebook like this one, so that they will always have a place to write their ideas into. Similar here.


I’m sure every writer enjoys history and daydreams about old times from time to time. Instead of writing things down with a pen, gift them with a wonderful quill. Similar here.


Every quill needs some ink. Winsor & Newton is my favourite, since it’s very opaque and water resistant. It’s available in most Art supply shops.

Wax seal stamp

Continuing with the good old vibes, a wax seal stamp with your loved one’s initial is the perfect gift for someone who loves to personalise their work. Similar here or in bigger Art supply shops.

Wax & Wax melting spoon

Add some wax and a spoon to melt it, for the perfect seal stamp kit. Similar here.

Small scissors

Regardless in what situation, 90% of the time, scissors come in handy. These are stylish forged iron scissors. Similar here.


Either for tying up letters or
decorating wax seals with little bows,
simple twine adds a finishing touch
to someone’s work. Similar here.

The home gnome

Iron teapot

To set the tea shop mood for
your tea loving friends and family,
a Japanese style iron teapot is the
perfect gift. Similar here.

Cleaning bristle brush

Simple things like a brush for cleaning
can be made interesting by going for
something classic and wooden. For home
gnomes who love a bit of rustic in their life,
something like this can further enrich a gift

Cutting boards

Stone and wooden cutting boards are great for friends and family members who love to prepare delicious dishes or make cheese boards for casual evenings in. Similar here & here.

Handmade pottery

Ceramic teacup and spoon for the friend that enjoys drinking tea on cosy evenings at home. Similar here.

Cooking spoon

Beautiful wooden spoon for the cooking enthusiast. Similar here.

Matcha whisk

Is your friend still mixing Matcha with a spoon? Save them with a Matcha whisk, and join them for some smooth Matcha tea. You can find it in a tea shop or a drugstore that sells tea and tea supplies.

Measuring spoons

Make baking easier for your loved one’s with cute copper measuring spoons. Similar here.

Turkish coffee pot

For the friends who prefer coffee and love brewing it with style. This one was a gift from Nika, who also wrote a great sustainable gift guide (in Slovene) you can check out here. Similar copper pots here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some useful ideas for the upcoming holidays. What matters most is that you surprise your loved one’s with something that comes straight from your heart.

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