Winter holidays & wrapping gifts 2018

Winter holidays & wrapping gifts 2018

December is a special month for me, and although I don’t celebrate Christmas as a holiday, there is a lot of meaning in this time of year for me and my family. I was always closer to the pagan way of living and being in tune with nature, but there is a magical energy around these holidays in any belief of the world.

How I celebrate

The other day, I phoned my dad and asked him when and how he celebrates. We both ended up agreeing that it is about the cycle of nature and about the family bond. So for me, winter holidays mean being close to my family, spending time with them, spreading love and joy.

We also agreed that it is important to celebrate things in life, that give us perspective and meaning to what is going on around us. There aren’t a whole lot of holidays, so why not celebrate them all in your own way.

It’s traditional to be thankful for what you have in your life. Your social relations, health, love and even material things like a roof over your head, food for sustenance and having sufficient funds. Although in my opinion, we should be thankful every day for things in our lives that seem small and insignificant, until we lose them.

It is also traditional to give and receive gifts. People say that gift giving isn’t that important, but I think it goes hand in hand with all the love and attention we give out to our loved ones.

However, it isn’t about how luxurious and expensive the gifts are, but rather about picking out those little dreams throughout the whole year and remembering what your special someone likes and loves that is of great importance and meaning.

I always like to gift people a bundle of smaller things they mentioned throughout the year and already completely forgot they wished for something like that in the first place. It shows that you pay attention to their smallest desires and remember the small things that can easily go unnoticed. 

Wrapping gifts

Wrapping gifts is something I immensely enjoy about the holidays, because I can be creative and surprise people with simple but gorgeous wrapping. 

As with my gift ideas, I think about sustainable wrapping alternatives as well. The materials I use for wrapping are always mostly what I can find around the house. Small decorations I gathered through a long period of time like strings, wool, pine cones, nut shells, spices, paper and fabric scraps, and so on. 

This year I decided to keep things neutral and traditional. I used some old plain brown wrapping paper and a maxi sized tissue paper roll that a tissue paper printing company couldn’t sell because it didn’t fit the standards, as the main wrapping material.

Adding linen as a new material for wrapping this year, I used some fabric scraps of colour samples from clothing I bought from Linenfox and notPERFECTLINEN as pops of texture, pattern and colour. I also added some left over pieces of merino wool from Naturaland and braided them into small braids.

Everything else is just bits and bobs I had lying around either to use as props or for decorational purposes in case I needed them.

What you will need

Old wrapping paper, waste tissue paper or recycled paper

Natural elements (pine cones, blades of dried meadow grass, feathers, winter spices, small spruce branches)


Thinner yarn, ropes, twine or strings

*OPTIONAL* Linen fabric strips & scraps


Scotch or double sided tape

*OPTIONAL* Ink, quill & wax (for wax sealing & calligraphy)


 Instead of cutting the paper, try ripping it to add an edge to your gifts this year.

I hope you liked this post and will use some of these ideas for wrapping your gifts this year. In case you haven’t, you are welcome to check out my “Winter holiday gift ideas” post for some last minute gift ideas.

 I wish you a warm, love-filled winter holiday celebration.